Thank-you for visiting our blog. We want to give back some of the knowledge we have learned over the years working with a diverse set of clients on some occasionally crazy projects. We hope you learn something.

AVAS Technology is a subsidiary of AVAS Partners LLC focusing on solving technology challenges. Our goal at AVAS Technology is two-fold:

  1. Provide highly flexible technical support and web development to small and medium sized businesses
  2. Support the Attache8 Toolkit

While consulting with various small businesses, our founder, Dr. Anthony Green saw company after company deal technology obstacles which should have never existed in the first place. Website development companies were forcing clients to follow their development model or else while providing little to no education to the entrepreneur/company management.Companies also would start today and be out of business by next month.Web-based tools were flashy, but lack substance or were full of substance but convoluted.

We decided this was absolutely unacceptable. Small businesses were no longer going to be disrespected because they lack the financial resources of major firms.

AVAS Technology respects our clients first and foremost. We provide flexible options which meet the needs of small businesses of any reasonable budget while placing the knowledge, power and piece of mind in your rightful hands.

If you are interested in working with us, we can be contacted at: sales@avastechnology.com. We would love to help you solve your technology challenges.

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